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Crossword Puzzle Grid

CrosswordGrids.com was created to provide a gallery of sample crossword grid layouts in assisting crossword constructors in the design of their puzzle grids. The site is geared toward American-style crossword puzzles, with sizes varying from 11x11 grids to 23x23 grids. Crossword puzzle sizes are determined by the publications who run them, with 15x15 being the most common puzzle grid size for daily newspapers, while 21x21 or 23x23 being more common for weekend newspaper editions.

Crossword Puzzle Grid

The first step in creating a standard American crossword (theme crosswords excluded) is designing the grid. There are a few rules to follow in doing so: the grid must have 180-degree symmetry (meaning its pattern appears the same if the paper is turned upside down), there should be no 1- or 2-letter words (and 3-letter words should be kept to a minimum), and every letter square must be part of both an Across and a Down word. All sample grids provided here meet these minimum requirements.

We hope you find the grids provided here at CrosswordGrids.com to be useful in your puzzle constructing endeavors!

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